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WAM Sports was founded in 2009 by two former intercollegiate athletes and coaches turned entrepreneurs who have decided to embark on their passion for college sports, by improving student athlete's chances of fulfilling their own college sports dream. Over the years, the WAM Team has gained access to an unrivaled pool of global business networks, obtained substantial experience in the sports industry and the necessary know-how in all of US college sports & education. WAM Sports is currently headquartered in Miami, FL, USA and has several more satellite offices around the world. WAM Sports specializes in consulting student athletes and their families from all over the world in pursuing a college education in the USA with the ultimate goal of a successful post-graduation life for every single WAM Sports client.

All active WAM Sports members have once competed in intercollegiate athletics and earned valuable Bachelors and Masters degrees from renowned U.S. colleges. Playing sports for a college can be a remarkable and rewarding experience, not attainable in most other countries. Having been through the entire recruitment process before as junior athletes, college players and college coaches, helps the WAM Sports Team significantly in guiding  junior athletes and optimizing the approach to navigating the recruiting process today. It is the sole mission to pass on valuable knowledge & experience and helping make today's student athletes' futures as bright as possible.

"Our business approach and the pillars for our company's existence and success are clearly represented by our personal take on life. We established WAM Sports based on unquestionable integrity in our methods, persistent collaboration with each other and our partners, and the constant pursuit of excellence in our day-to-day operations."

- Nadim Naser, WAM Sports President/Owner




- To act with honesty & integrity without ever compromising the truth


- To collaborate within & outside the company to be the best we can be


- To give our best & world class service; to achieve excellence each day


- To be consistent in offering the best we can for a wonderful experience


- To be responsible for our actions that influence the lives of our clients & team


- To put our hearts & heads in our work to obtain the best possible outcome

Service Quality

- To give our best each day for unmatched results and all-round satisfaction


+1 (786) 519 2422 SKYPE name: wamsports

WAM Sports Partners & Supporters

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  • Tennis Moraing
  • The Nearing Firm
  • Tennis Pro International
  • MCA Academy
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