What clients are saying about us:

I am 18 years old, from Karlsruhe, Germany. A tennis scholarship in Florida was my goal. It seemed an unrealistic thought, but WAM’s engagement & good network got me several inquiries quickly. WAM was always ready to support me and I had an answer to every question in 24 hours. They always tried to find my best opportunity. I recommend WAM!

Corinna D.
Tennis Player

My name is Daniel G. and I started using the WAM Sport's services in the summer of 2011. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the service. Nadim especially was a great help for me; he supported me to find the right university and was always there to answer any kinds of questions. I am currently a student at a Divisoin I University in Virginia and I enjoy the challenge of being in a foreign country and playing college tennis for a great university. Even now I am still regularly in contact with Nadim, who through his experience supports me in my college life whenever I have questions or I need advice.

Daniel G.
NCAA Tennis Player
Division I

The WAM guys made my college search easy and fun, and it got me excited to go to college! The service was incredible and very fast to respond and help with the research. All I had to do was say what I wanted and within days I had a list of college that suited me. Thanks for all the help! 

Christian M.
NAIA Golf Player

Thanks to WAM Sports for their help in finding the best university for me. They care about you as a person, which is very important. I felt comfortable talking with them about everything at any time. WAM Sports knows what is important and what you need to look at for finding your university.

Marc H.
NCAA Tennis Player
Division I

Because of WAM Sports' help, I am now able to live my dream. My first semester college was so great. Although, coming home for vacation is always nice, I already miss my teammates and coach. Even though I could not play this time around, I got to practice every day, not only tennis but also conditioning and all of it in a great atmosphere between coaches and teammates. My classes went well too, and I maintained a solid A average. The univesity I chose was definitely the best choice possible according to my expectations, I will never regret taking that decision! I am so glad everything went perfectly well; my parents are very happy too, and we are all thankful for all the work WAM Sports did for me to find this perfect fit!

Alexandra B.
NCAA Tennis Player
Division II

I began working with WAM in December of my senior year. The WAm team was extremely supportive of my wishes both academically and athletically. I was set on my major and they ensured that was never compromised in my effort to obtain a scholarship at the right school for me.  Their program helped me focus my efforts and encouraged me to pursue my dream of playing collegiate golf. They were thorough in assisting me in the development of my athletic résumé, letters to coaches and films. They stayed in close contact with me through email and text throughout this process so that I always had the most up to date information on schools, coaches and programs.

Kristin G.
NCAA Golf Player
Division II

Ever since I began playing tennis, I always wanted to compete and play college tennis. Thanks to WAM Sports, I now have the opportunity to do this. They did whatever it took to make it happen, and if it wasn't for them I would be stuck at my local college and I wouldn't be doing what I love; playing tennis and competing.

David C.
NCAA Tennis Player
Division II

Excellent service! The team around Nadim was very competent and really helped me find the best possible university.

Graham B.
NCAA Division I Tennis Player
Quebec, Canada

Great service! Nadim made the whole recruiting process a breeze and helped me find a university and program that really suited me.

Joshua P.
NCAA Division II Tennis Player
Quebec, Canada

What coaches are saying about us:

Nadim was the Assistant Coach U. of Tampa for two years while obtaining his MBA degree. Having known him for the past ten years as a college player, college coach, and businessman, I can tell you to rest assured that you will be making a top decision to go with WAM Sports. This industry is all about service, trust, and professionalism. The guys at WAM have it all!

Al Dufaux
Head Women's Tennis Coach
University of Tampa, Tampa, FL

"Tarek, Nadim and the staff at WAM Sports are the most knowledgeable and hands-on team for college recruiting in Canada. They consistently have the strongest recruits and their showcases are extremely well organized. These will be annual events on my recruiting calendar and I'm excited for next year's events."

Michael Sowter
Head Men's & Women's Tennis Coach
New Jersey Institute of Technology, NJ

"The showcase in Canada provided many talented Canadians to get recognized by college coaches who might have never seen them otherwise.  There is no question that this event helped them to understand that there is a college tennis program out there for all of them."

Greg Kreitzer
Head Women's Tennis Coach
St. Lawrence College, NY

"WAM Sports connects Canadian junior tennis players to college coaches.  I was impressed with the high level of play exhibited by the participants and feel many of them would be positive contributors to the Hobart College tennis team.  I look forward to attending future WAM Sports showcases and camps!"

Tim Riskie
Head Men's & Women's Tennis Coach
Hobart College, NY

"Tarek and Nadim have developed a unique camp that allows the coaches a tremendous opportunity to see and evaluate the top talent in Canada.  In addition they went out of their way to make sure the coaches received all the necessary information to start the recruiting process.  The camp was awesome and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in recruiting Canadian players."

David Geatz
Head Men's Tennis Coach
University of Pennsylvania, PA

“WAM sports is by far the most credible organization in helping both young tennis players and college coaches find the perfect fit.  The organization is led by two great individuals who have worked extremely hard.  The experience I have had with WAM have been more positive than any other organization because of their knowledge and dedication to helping both young tennis players and college coaches.  If I was a parent of a high school student-athlete, WAM would be my number one choice”

Stephen Schram
Head Men's & Women's Tennis Coach
Limestone College, SC

What athletes are saying about us:

Nadim and Tarek have been former college tennis opponents and became co-workers and good friends. Knowing both personalities and work ethics, I have no doubt that WAM Sports' service quality will be impeccable.

Joel Allen
NCAA/Davis Cup Tennis Player
UCF 2004/Haitian Davis Cup Team

Tarek has been a good friend and former college roommate of mine. He helped me at Jacksonville University with all the challenges I faced with scholarship money, housing issues, personal life, job opportunities, internships and much more. With WAM Sports' help, I was able to complete my studies and succeed on and off the tennis court. I am extremely grateful to WAM Sports for their support and I know they have the knowledge to choose the right university fr student athletes. 

Jordi Ballester
NCAA Tennis Player
Fresno State/Jacksonville University 2008

I have known Tarek since our junior playing days and he was a very courteous player. But, you can also see the fight and determination in his game. He did whatever had to be done to accomplish his goal. It was just the type of person he was. He has brought this same determination to WAM Sports and it has greatly helped every person who has been part of it. I encourage every athlete who is interested in a scholarship to join WAM Sports and reap the benefits of a very successful program!

Jibade Thomas
NCAA Tennis Player
Howard University 2005

I have no doubt that WAM Sports gives great advice to young sports athletes all over the world looking for a career in college sports. Knowing Nadim for about 20 years now, I know that he has the business as well as sports expertise that can make the difference for one's collegiate sports career. During our time together in college, Nadim was already the go-to person and trusted adviser for me - whether it was related to tennis or academics.

Uli Kiendl
NCAA Tennis Player
University of South Florida 2004

Knowing that Nadim is one of the owners at WAM, service quality will be great. As his former classmate and teammate i could not have been anyluckier. His work ethic both on and off the court established him as a great leader, team-player and gracious individual, making things better for everyone around him. I know he will bring the same qualities to WAM Sports.

Jorge Ecallon
NCAA Tennis Player/ Communications Manager, ATP Tour Inc.
University of South Florida 2004

I played collegiate & professional soccer and suggest you use WAM Sports to ensure finding the right college for you! Nadim & Tarek have an outstanding track record when building relationships, networking and college match-making. They know what's important to be successful before, during and after college - on and off the field! I highly recommend WAM.

Lars Pottgiesser
NCAA Soccer Player
Truman State University 2006

What parents are saying about us:

I hired Nadim from WAM Sports as a personal college process consultant for my daughter in 2012. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Yann Boulbin
Client's Father
Lausanne, Switzerland

Our first contact with WAM Sports made me feel comfortable that the entire team will definitively bring value to the process of finding the right college for our son. Their contacts, their method and availability contributed significantly to find a good match, both in athletics (tennis) and academics, for our son. Thank You!

Frederic Denise
Client's Father
Miami, FL

The professional services provided by WAM have been of the utmost caliber. We began work with WAM and Nadim late in the game of our daughter's senior year (December). They never gave up on her and worked diligently to find her the right fit of academics and athletics. She was able to sign with a Division 2 school fulfilling her dream of playing collegiate golf with a sizable scholarship.

Maruja Gonzalez
Client's Mother
Miami, FL

Theses few lines will reflect the high satisfaction we have had working with WAM SPORTS in the college recruiting process for our son Mateo. It allowed him to accomplish his dream of playing college golf, for which he has been working towards since he was 6 years old.

Thanks to WAM SPORTS for always being so professional, honest, and for answering every concern so fast since the beginning of our 2-year relationship. Giving Mateo the confidence, guidance and all the support he needed in the process. And for always reminding him that if he kept working hard on his golf and his academics, he would play college golf. The guidance along the two years of the process has been EXCELLENT!!! 

WAM SPORTS helped Mateo so much in achieving what they initially suggested would be realistic in terms of percentage of scholarship in golf and in academics.

WAM SPORTS’ personalized service with prospects and with their parents is what makes them different.

CONGRATULATIONS for a good job done!!!

Cristina and Gonzalo Leon
Client's Parents
Quito, Ecuador

Great service! Very knowledgeable about the athletic scholarship search process.

Marc-Andre Houlé
Client's Father
Quebec, Canada

WAM Sports are fantastic guys. They helped mentor my son and helped him choose a school. The team is amazingly knowledgeable and able too guide students in their prospecting and school selections. I highly recommend them if your child is looking to find a sports school.

Sass Peress
Client's Father
Quebec, Canada

Thank you Nadim, you and your great company WAM Sports were a giant help over the last 3 years to get my son into college in the USA.

Sean Sweeney
Client's Father and Coach
Ottawa, Canada

WAM was a great advice and guidance service. A most vital service for entry to college sports!!!

Mary Lou Ammon
Client's Mother
Trinidad and Tobago

What professionals are saying about us:

Nadim has been instrumental in running a world class tennis resort at the Ritz Carlton Key Biscayne for Cliff Drysdale - under his energetic and engaging leadership the participation of tennis clinics & private lessons has sky rocketed. Nadim is a great motivator and trusted mentor to a lot of kids and young adults. Nadim brings ownership, leadership and energy at any senior level. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Ton Roelandse
Senior Principal at Trexin Consulting / LinkedIn recommendation
Miami/Fort Lauderdale, FL

I've known Nadim for 6 years now and we worked side by side as program directors for Cliff Drysdale tennis for 2 years and Nadim is by far the most organized, efficient and hard working person I have had the pleasure of working with. I can guarantee if you choose to use his company's services you will be in safe hands.

James Rushby
Director of Tennis at Repton School
Derbyshire, England

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