Frequently Asked Questions

Who can register with WAM Sports?

Everyone. We encourage any male and female student-athlete in High Schools all over the world (ages 13-18), as well as potential transfer students from other colleges and universities, who are looking to play either NCAA, NAIA or NJCAA college sports on a scholarship, to request a free evaluation. That is where you will find out where you would fit in. For a list of sponsored college sports offering scholarship opportunities to student athletes, please contact us.

What happens after I complete the FREE Consultation form?

A WAM Sports representative will contact you and discuss your situation and all options, based on the information you provide us with. Based on the conversation, we will encourage you to take certain steps to start your college recruiting process.

What are my responsibilities during the service period?

As an athlete you should:

  • Take all required admissions tests before High School graduation; preferably in your Junior year (11th grade)
  • Continue to improve your athletic skills through training and competition
  • Maintain/improve upon you academic grades (GPA)
  • Follow the WAM Sports "To-do-list", which you will be provided with
  • Pay for all essential fees listed on the Expense Calendar (i.e. visa, travel, school application(s) fees, etc.)
  • Pay all WAM Sports fees for services rendered, when due

When should I start my preparation for college recruitment?

A student-athlete should start in their Freshman Year (9th grade) of High School. Sufficient time is required to properly prepare for all necessary steps, which need to be taken to properly prepare you for your college years. Athletic and academic preparation takes years until you are truly ready for college in all belongings. You will need to add a buffer for repeating tests or an unexpected setback, whether academically, athletically, or both. The more time you have to work with us, the better your chances of being offered scholarship opportunities. Coaches will start to look at players as early as their freshman year in High School and send out scholarship offers as late as a few months before the new school year begins. As a WAM Sports client you will have access to a detailed view at the ideal scholarship timeline. Please note that the NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA may use different grading scales especially for foreign students. Beginning the process early (in your freshman or sophomore year in High School) will help avoid grading-scale related issues, which may jeopardize your eligibility.

When can I start college in the USA?

The U.S. school calendar starts in August and ends in May and that is usually when students will start. However, since the college system is broken into two main semesters, you can start college in January, as well. Please contact us for further details regarding this matter.

Does WAM Sports guarantee its service?

Yes! Potential WAM Sports clients' academic and athletic opportunities are thoroughly evaluated before becoming actual clients. WAM Sports only signs consulting service agreements with those who have been formally evaluated and deemed qualified based on necessary core requirements, such as High School grades, High School courses taken, standardized test scores (SAT, ACT, TOEFL), as well as athletic skill level.

Can I participate in organized "competition" prior to college?

Generally, yes, but it is restricted. To be safe, within 6 months of your High School graduation date, you receive a grace period, which allows you to play as much as you want (NCAA Division I). Some sports and NCAA Division II colleges still may offer a 1-year grace period. If you compete in any organized competition after your grace period is over, you automatically become subject to losing a year of NCAA eligibility!! However, it is strongly advised that if you do participate in organized competition to always register as an amateur.

20-Year Age Rule for Division I NCAA (minority number of sports still apply the 21-Year Age Rule).

In Division I only, if a student-athlete has participated as an individual or as a team representative in organized sports competition (that kind of participation during each 12-month period after his/her 20st birthday and prior to initial full-time collegiate enrollment) will count as one forfeited year of varsity competition in that sport. Any participation in organized competition during time spent in the U.S. Armed Services will be accepted.

The NCAA and the NAIA both offer "resources" on their respective websites with the exact regulations covering all amateurism related questions. Those rules have changed as recent as Summer 2012. You can also contact us for further information. All our clients always receive the most up-to-date information, as we constantly leep track with the ever changing relgulations of the NCAA and NAIA.

How long are the degree programs in the USA?

  • NJCAA (Junior College) offers a 2-year associates degree
  • NCAA/NAIA colleges offer 4-year bachelor degrees; most also offer graduate degrees; 2-4 year post bachelor degrees

What can I study in the USA?

Each school offers different areas of study and is dependent on a school-by-school basis.The most common areas of study in the U.S. are as follows:

  • Business & Management (20%)
  • Engineering (17%)
  • Physical & Life Sciences (9%)
  • Social Sciences (9%)
  • Mathematics & Computer Sciences (9%)
  • Fine Arts & Applied Arts (6%)
  • Health Professions (5%)
  • Intensive English Language (5%)
  • Education (3%)
  • Humanities (3%)
  • Agriculture (2%)

In 2012, the most popular Bachelor (4-year) degrees were (in order from 1 to 10):

  1. Business Administration
  2. Criminal Justice
  3. Psychology
  4. Nursing
  5. K-12 Education
  6. Engineering
  7. Health Administration
  8. Computer & Information Sciences
  9. Accounting
  10. Human Services

Where will I live in the USA?

Most students will choose to live on campus in the residential halls during the first 2 years. This is the most common option and is recommended for logistic purposes as well as social atmosphere. Rooms/suites usually house two to four students, most commonly teammates. Student athletes mostly choose to make use of the on-campus cafeteria facilities by choosing an available meal-plan option.

A less common option, especially in the first two years of college, is to live off campus. Housing may appear to be less expensive, however requires transportation not provided by the college. Although, a on-campus meal plan is still offered at some colleges, most students then choose to buy groceries and cook at home. This may in turn result in being the more expensive option than staying on campus. Also, living off campus may be very time consuming and present challenges in getting to classes and practices or competition, especially if you do not have personal transportation. It is more common for students in their third and fourth year to move off campus.

What English proficiency test-taking is required?

  1. SAT - all college applicants
  2. TOEFL (sometimes the IELST is also accepted) - for all non-English native college applicants
  3. ACT - all colleges, depending on intended major

It is highly recommended and needed for any student-athlete to have at least an intermediate level of English proficiency. If not, it will be extremely difficult to pass the required SAT/ACT and TOEFL exams. If you are from an English speaking country, you will be exempt from the TOEFL/IELST exam in most cases.

What minimum test scores are required?

  • NCAA Division I - uses a sliding scale to evaluate scores (based on test score and GPA)
  • NCAA Division II - minimum SAT score of 820 and ACT sum score of 68
  • NCAA Division III - does not offer athletic scholarships but other financial aid and grants (only college requirement)
  • NAIA - minimum SAT score of 860 and Enhanced ACT score of 18

It is highly recommended to exceed 1000 SAT points and 90 ACT points to increase athletic scholarship opportunities. The TOEFL exam is out of 120 points. The minimum score required is 61 and the recommended score is 80 or higher. There is no limit to the amount of times this exam is taken, since the best score is submitted.

For more information about NCAA test requirements, please visit: NCAA Eligibility Information

For more information about NAIA test requirements, please visit: NAIA Eligibility Information

How and where can I find available test dates?


Depending on your country of residence, the SAT/ACT/TOEFL exams are offered on various dates, some more frequent than others.

Please contact us to inquire about dates for your specific country.

What topics am I tested on under NCAA and NAIA requirements?

  • SAT: evaluate reading and math; writing section is taken but not reported to colleges and NCAA/NAIA
  • ACT: combination of English, mathematics, reading and science comprehension scores
  • TOEFL: combination of English grammar, reading, listening and speaking scores

What requirements do I need to meet to qualify for USA scholarship opportunities?

There are several important requirements you need to satisfy before qualifying for a potential scholarship opportunity. The different associations and divisions require many of the same but also different facts from you. If you need detailed information, contact us. Below a brief list of important aspects.

You have to:

  • Take the necessary 16 core course requirements set forth by the NCAA/NAIA
  • Make sure you never violate your amateur status
  • Take all necessary standardized tests (SAT, ACT, TOEFL)
  • Maintain the minimum required GPA at all times
  • Provide WAM with all necessary information from the beginning

If you have a new question, not listed here, please contact us today and we will post it!

What are my responsibilities during the service period?

As an athlete you should:

  • Take all required admissions tests before High School graduation; preferably in your Junior year (11th grade)
  • Continue to improve your athletic skills through training and competition
  • Maintain/improve upon you academic grades (GPA)
  • Follow the WAM Sports "To-do-list", which you will be provided with
  • Pay for all essential fees listed on the Expense Calendar (i.e. visa, travel, school application(s) fees, etc.)
  • Pay all WAM Sports fees for services rendered, when due

Common recruiting-related costs college-bound student-athletes incur:

  • Travel expenses for tournaments and club games/matches
  • Club membership fees
  • Showcase events and camps for college exposure purposes
  • Sports equipment (varies by sport)
  • Private and group training & coaching sessions
  • Recruiting video expenses (production and editing services)
  • Scholarship and financial aid consulting services
  • Test taking preparation and actual test-taking expenses (SAT, ACT, TOEFL, IELST, etc)
  • Postage for documents/communication with college, coaches, eligibility centers
  • Recruiting visit costs (official vs. unofficial)

What tasks need to be completed to navigate the recruiting process successfully?

Your necessary college recruiting tasks include, but are not limited to:

  • Determine academic & athletic qualifications and options
  • Determine "Important Factors of College Decision-making"
  • Research target colleges, based on important factors
  • Learn and understand the recruiting process (i.e. register, work with eligibility centers, coaches)
  • Create recruiting video and student-athlete profile
  • Connect with and follow-up with college coaches
  • Find best-suited options → negotiate scholarship/financial-aid packages → assess overall fit
  • Schedule recruiting trip visits (official and unofficial)
  • Assess those experiences and compare them with important factors
  • Make a decision based on all information and findings
  • Evaluate financial savings/costs of the recruiting process and prepare for upcoming college career

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