What We Offer

We strongly encourage every prospective student athlete to take advantage of our INITIAL CONSULTATION and SCHOLARSHIP EVALUATION before considering our all-encompassing service. These two "STEPS" will ensure that you know exactly what to expect from the recruiting process, which services would be best for you and how to start going about finding your best-fit college!

When to Start

Our consulting process, which embraces the "7-Steps to college scholarship success" starts as early as Freshman year in High School and will provide everything you need to successfully navigate through the entire college recruiting process.

You Have Options - regardless of where you are in the process!

If you are not sure what you need, start with the Initial Consultation and complete the Scholarship Evaluation to establish your baseline and current status in the recruiting process. After that you will know exactly what your realistic opportunities are and what steps to take next in order to stay on track. If you simply need some strategic guidance with a particular milestone, such sending your profile and/or recruiting video to coaches, or making a final decision between two or more colleges, etc., our customized consulting services are best suited for you. If you find that you need a more involved, hands-on approach from a trusted expert in your search for the best options and connecting with college coaches, our full-service consulting option is your perfect solution to your college scholarship success. This process applies comprehensive involvement on our part in every step of the way throughout the entire recruiting process. All services are specifically designed to cater to every individual clients' needs and is available to all student athletes domestic or international.

Via the initial consultation, your personal WAM Sports expert will recommend the appropriate steps for you to take next. 

To inquire about the breakdown and pricing of our services, please Click Here.



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