Our network of trusted college coaches is probably the main reason why so student athletes choose us. Take advantage of this unparalleled personal connection to college coaches from all parts of the country by utilizing the services below. They are specifically designed so they cater to every student athlete’s specific needs. On a case-by-case basis, our process may require a student athlete to complete the ‘College Scholarship Evaluation’ service before any consultation services can begin.


Do you like peace of mind? We do! Allow our trusted experts to answer all your college recruiting questions! Utilize this one-time 30-minute phone consultation after which you will have a clear idea of what you need to do next in order to set realistic and reach your college goals. This consultation is designed for all student athletes and parents who have not consulted with a WAM Sports representative in the past. Regardless of where in the recruiting process you currently are, this consultation will aid you significantly. It does not matter whether numerous, one or no scholarship opportunities are available to you at this time, whether you are No. 1 in the world or not ranked at all. Studies show that the most common reasons for "unhappy" college student athletes (regardless of athletic or academic skill-sets) are directly related to unrealistic expectations and goals. This is largely due to not asking enough or the right questions about the recruiting process before a final decision of where to go to college and why is being made. Here is your chance for a peace of mind! Take it! You will be glad you did!

One-time Investment:              $50.00 (phone interview)

College Scholarship Evaluation

Designed for all college-bound student-athletes to learn where they currently stand in the recruiting process. It will further outline all the steps necessary to take to maximize the chances for a suitable and realistic athletic scholarship. This service includes:

- Your Academic Standing Report

- Your Athletic Scouting Report (available in person for resident or visitors to Miami, FL)*

- Your Personal NCAA/NAIA/NJCAA Eligibility Status

- Your Likely College Savings vs. Out-of-Pocket Costs

- Your Possible Scholarship Opportunities

- Expert Recommendations on how to Successfully Navigate through the Recruiting Process

- Our Guide including the “5 Things You Need to Know” & “7 Steps for Scholarship Success”

One-time Investment:              $150.00               $200.00 (in-person interview)*

Customized One-on-one Sessions

We provide this flexible pay-as-you-go option to all student athletes (whether you are at the beginning, middle or end of the recruiting process, or a current college student looking to transfer) via phone/Skype calls with your personal WAM Sports coach. Content includes, but not limited to:

- Review & Update Academic & Athletic Profiles

- Assist with Eligibility Center Registration & Navigation

- Educate on All Applicable Recruiting Rules & Regulations

- Create a Personalized Recruiting Strategy on how to Navigate the Process Successfully

- Provide Recruiting Video Guidelines, Athlete Profile Format, SAT/ACT/TOEFL Test Assistance

- Educate on how to Communicate with College Coaches, Research & Create Target List of Colleges

- Educate on Effective Scholarship Negotiation & Maximization Strategies (Academic & Athletic)

- Provide Guidance during Decision-Making Process & All College Admission Requirements 

Investment:              $150.00 for 1 hour               $300.00 for 2 hours

                                      $500.00 for 4 hours           $950.00 for 8 hours

***Proof of performance provided for all services***


Full Service 

We provide an all-encompassing consulting service with unlimited access to your WAM Sports consultant who guides you throughout the entire recruiting process until successful commitment & enrollment. An installment plan is applied for this service, which is based on our recruiting process milestones. There is no risk to you during this service. You pay once these milestones are successfully reached.

Investment:              $3,500  - NO RISK GUARANTEE

***Students outside the USA & Canada: Pricing may vary, please contact us***



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