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If you ask a college coach about the right time to start your quest for an athletic scholarship opportunity, the answer would most likely always be along the lines of:


We start working with student athletes on getting prepared for the recruiting process as early as Freshman year in High School. That is the same time a student becomes a college "prospect". Coaches start searching for their recruits several years in advance, why should you wait any longer with your search for the best-fit college?

The college recruitment process is much like an interview process for a job opportunity. The more you are prepared and the longer you work on building your resume, the better your chances will be once you are at the actual interview.

We guide and mentor our clients from the most basic of guidelines to the most detailed step by step tasks in the whole recruiting process. No matter who you are, how great of a student or fantastic of an athlete you are, the recruiting process is applicable to ALL student-athletes, regardless of sport or college major. Inquire with us about your specific recruiting needs so that you may successfully reach your goals. Follow our lead during High School and it will certainly enhance your chances to study and play for the college YOU want to attend!


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